Fundamental trends in the sprits industry suggest today’s bargoers and cocktail enthusiasts are reaching for higher shelf spirits. When selecting a mixed beverage, consumers are increasingly prioritizing quality, value, and nutrition over price point alone. According to a 2020 Nielsen report, the modern spirits consumer is growing more discerning, which is resulting in extraordinary growth in the premium and ultra-premium segments. The report suggests that some of the key attributes driving purchase decisions in 2020 and beyond will be health and wellbeing (sugar, carbs, calories, etc), brand transparency, and “lifestyle-oriented” messaging. Some of these trends have fueled the meteoric rise of spirits brands such as Casamigos Tequila and Tito’s Vodka. However, Spirits mixers have yet to adapt to the changing landscape.  

Even as consumers are paying up for premium spirits, their options for what they mix with their alcohol have remained largely unchanged for decades. Consumers are forced to choose between mixers that are either healthy but bland (soda water), or tasty but packed with sugar (soft drinks/fruit juices). This lack of choice feels particularly old fashioned in an environment when consumers are increasingly unwilling to compromise when it comes to what they eat and drink. 

Avec Drinks eliminates the need to compromise. Avec’s all natural mixers are bold and flavorful, but contain only about 10% of the sugar that you’d find in a traditional soft drink. The Avec brand is also focused on responsible sourcing and sustainability, which resonates deeply with the modern consumer. Avec provides the experience of a guilt free mixed beverage that the modern consumer can truly identify with.

Avec founders, Alex Doman and Dee Charlemagne, began developing the brand while at Columbia Business School where they won a competitive grant to fund their early efforts. They have recently completed their first production run of 40,000 units and are ready to officially launch the brand this summer. The Seed Project is extremely excited to participate in Avec’s pre-seed financing round alongside Columbia University and Five Four Ventures.

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